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This website is dedicated to Irma Thorpe, mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

Irma was raised in a bakery in Washington, DC where she assisted her father will the daily chores needed to run a bakery. As you can imagine it was a very hard pill to swallow when her doctor informed her that she had diabetes. No more enjoying those delightful goodies that she and her family helped to create.

Prior to her passing away in 2012 we were always searching for sugar-free desserts to satisfy her sweet tooth. Irma is survived by two daughters, three grandchildren and four great grandchildren. We all miss her very much. It was shortly after her passing that we, her family, decided to start this website to honor her memory and help others in their search for delectible desserts.

Your help is greatly appreciated it and we encourage you to submit any establishments that offer such sugar-free sweets and reviews to let everyone know what sugar-free treats you have enjoyed.

It is about time that we wake up the world and demand our piece of the pie!