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On this website you will find establishments that include sugar-free, no sugar added (NSA), low sugar, low carb & diabetic desserts. It will be up to your to determine which desserts are best for your needs. As most diabetics are aware just because something is sugar free doesn't mean that it is low in carbs.

Our mission is simple: Providing you with information that you can use to locate establishments that carry the type of dessert you are searching for. Whether you are on traveling on vacation or planning a business trip or just want to explore whats around your home town,The Ultimate Sugar Free Dessert Guide will help you find what you are looking for.

You don't have to give up delicious desserts just because you or a loved one has a sugar-restrictive diet. We do the research and legwork for you.

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We spent countless hours each day researching, investigating and locating establishments that offer sugar-free, no sugar added and other low carb desserts. However, we realize that out of the thousands of establishments in the United States that we cannot possibly locate every single one. That's why we ask you, our visitors, to submit any establishment to us for review. If we find that it meets our criteria for inclusion, we will add it to our every growing database. This is your way to give back to the site and help keep it current, relavant and up to date.